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5 Years, $20,000 for Plumpy’nut!

Wow! What a whirlwind of a year for Food for Thought!  I’m beyond thrilled to announce that Food for Thought reached its goal this year to raise at least $4,000 for Plumpy’nut.  Now that this year’s Walk for Plumpy’nut has passed, we can officially announce that we’ve raised over $20,000 to support Concern Worldwide’s feeding centers throughout Ethiopia. Sylvia Wong, Concern Worldwide’s Education Officer, made the journey from New York City to teach participants about how acute childhood malnutrition is diagnosed and treated.  We were so happy she could join us!

Between the beautiful weather and beautiful souls at the walk, it was easily one of the happiest days I can imagine.  Cass Park burst with energy and was booming with laughter and music as Ithaca College students and friends joined together on Saturday, October 8th. “The only way I can describe my feelings during the event was that my heart was happy, I felt fulfilled,” Smith, Food for Thought’s assistant Communications Director, says. John Vogan, Secretary of Food for Thought, added “We helped support a very important and worthwhile cause while having fun at the same time,” he says.

Thanks to Jake Lifschultz and Deanna Dearo’s photography, we have some photos to share from the wonderful day!


1,000 Days

Mother and Son in Malawi Photo Credit: Concern Worldwide

I’m sorry for being MIA recently on my blog!  I’ve just started an internship at Concern Worldwide US (amazing organization!) and have been settling into life in New York.  I’m working with Global Concerns Classroom, the high school branch of Concern Worldwide, and have been busy drafting a guide on the Millennium Development Goals.  I’m absolutely loving my internship, but what really sealed the deal is that directly across from my desk, there is a box filled with Plumpy’nut!  What better place to be interning?

On Monday, I’ll have more updates regarding Concern Worldwide and Bread for the World’s 1,000 Days Conference.  I’ve written a lot about the critical years of 1-5 in addressing malnutrition in children, but this conference will focus on the first 1,000 days of a child’s life. On June 13th, world leaders and hunger activists will join to reinvigorate the fight against malnutrition.  To stay updated as the conference unfolds, follow @concernGCC, @Concern, or @bread4theworld on twitter this Monday!

Putting Nonprofits Out of Business

Malaria No More, a nonprofit dedicated to ending malaria related deaths, is closing shop in 2015.  Not because of financial troubles, but because they’ve nearly accomplished their goal.  In an article released by the New York Times, Malaria No More reported that up to 85% of the at-risk malaria population has received bed nets or other tools to fight infection.  Furthermore, malaria related mortalities have steadily decreased throughout the past decade.  In the article, Malaria No More’s vice chairman Scott Case stated, “We never planned to be around forever.  We have thought of this more as a project than as an institution-building exercise, and the project is nearing its completion.”

Vanessa Vick - The New York Times

Unfortunately, the article didn’t mention that any hunger-related nonprofits are going out of business.  Despite having enough resources to ensure every man, woman, and child has enough to eat, hunger is still one of the leading causes of death.  Even today, nearly 1 billion people are affected by lack of sufficient calories and nutrients. By 2015, the same year Malaria No More plans to close its doors, the United Nations declared that it would eradicate extreme hunger and poverty.  However, the World Food Programme reports that chronic hunger has slowly, but steadily been rising since the 1990s.  It’s time to reverse this trend.  Interested in putting an end to hunger?  Check out some of these resources and hunger-related nonprofits:

Action Against Hunger – “From rural mountain villages to the confines of refugee camps to ethnically divided cities, Action Against Hunger treats and prevents malnutrition in over 40 countries around the world. Our programs are launched most often during times of crisis and focus on the most vulnerable, including young children and women who are pregnant or nursing.”

Concern Worldwide – “Working with the poorest people to transform their lives.”

Edesia LLC – “Edesia’s mission is to treat and prevent malnutrition for the most vulnerable in the developing world through Ready-to-Use Foods and other locally appropriate solutions.”

Children’s Hunger Fund – “Children’s Hunger Fund is a Christian 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works to alleviate the suffering of children in impoverished regions across America and around the world. Through strategic partnerships in targeted communities, CHF works to improve the lives of poor children and their families comprehensively, meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.”

4th Annual Walk for Plumpy’nut a Success!

On Saturday, October 9th, over 80 students and community members joined together in the fight against childhood malnutrition at Ithaca’s 1st Walk for Plumpy’nut hosted by Food for Thought. The walk raised over $1,500 and 100% of the proceeds will be used to feed critically malnourished children at Concern Worldwide’s feeding stations.

Food for Thought would like to thank everyone who planned, participated, volunteered, and donated to the Walk for Plumpy’nut for making it such a success. Food for Thought would also like to thank its sponsors including: Aztech DataSystems, The International Food Network, Patton Veterinary Hospital, EIBe Photography, Dr. Ragland Orthodontics, Gimme! Coffee, Lucienne’s Fine Foods, Moosewood Restaurant, Life’s So Sweet Chocolates, Sodexo Dining Services, and Loose Threads. Also, a very special thank you to WICB, Ithaca College’s student-run radio station, for turning the walk into a dance for Plumpy’nut!

Food for Thought is a club at Ithaca College that is dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world who are facing poverty, malnutrition, and lack of education.

For more information about Food for Thought, and the Walk for Plumpy’nut, please visit:

The walkers take-off!


Plumpy'nut Pride!


Our all-star volunteers and IC Food for Thought members!

Our volunteers provide some dancing entertainment!

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