Tackling Malnutrition, One Step at a Time


“It is a very sad part of my own personal history that I have seen children die of malnutrition, fading into [nothingness]. There is a look in the children’s eyes with malnutrition that is one of innocent disbelief. . .young innocent souls that almost [literally] say, ‘I just want food. Why can’t I have food?’ I ask the same question and I also have no

that makes any bit of logical sense.”  

As I was researching childhood malnutrition treatment in India last semester, the founder of an Indian medical NGO shared with me this quote.  My research has taken me on quite the journey, and I’ve had the incredible opportunity to speak with health workers and malnutrition advocates in multiple countries about access to RUTF in India.  As I wrote my paper, I came across this video (above) on the SAM India Project site.  This organization is committed to “building awareness and combating the crisis of severe acute malnutrition among children in India.” Severe acute malnutrition (SAM) rates in India are among the highest in the world.  I wanted to share this video with Plumpy’nut Press readers because it outlines multiple steps that be taken to systematically reduce the pervasiveness of SAM in our world. My next few postings will more fully explore these steps and provide additional learning resources.  Stay tuned for step one: Addressing Malnutrition in Young Women and Mothers.


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  1. Posted by Kim on February 21, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    I wish that I was in Ithaca to purchase Purity cupcakes as part of your fundraising campaign. The tie-died cupcakes that were sold earlier in the year were delicious!

    I am impressed and inspired that young adults have a world view and are concerned with issues beyond the confines of their college lives.


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