“I need to ask for space to be made for them”

Raquel Marín

Raquel Marín - New York Times

I wanted to share with you this moving piece by Denise Brown, Country Director for the World Food Program.  It’s a glimpse into the role that women are allowed in supporting their children and community in the face of extreme hunger. As you can tell from the title of this post, the part that spoke to me the most is that in most villages, the public space isn’t even there for women to contribute to the discussion.  Yet, simply by asking for the women’s input, they nudged forward and shuffled to make their voices heard.  How can we continue to crack the openings for this space and hear what women have to say in fighting hunger?

Any one of those women could be me, or she could be you. The child strapped to the mother’s back, with the hacking cough and the tired eyes, could be my child, or yours.

 To read the full New York Times piece, click here.


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