RUTF Use in India

"A malnourished 21-month-old boy named Satish and his mother, Leela, at the Shivpuri feeding center last November." - All photo credit goes to Ruth Fremson from The New York Times "As Indian Growth Soars, Child Hunger Persists"

Hello Plumpy’nut Press readers!  Given the feedback on my post The Crisis in India, I’ve decided to do much more in-depth research on this issue. I’m currently enrolled in a Politics of Development class and for my final research assignment, I selected to explore the divergent opinions in India versus Ethopia regarding the use of Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods like Plumpy’nut.  While Ethiopia has welcomed the use of Plumpy’nut and is the recipient country of all money raised by the Walk for Plumpy’nut, India has banned its use in the country. Rather, India’s Ministry for Women and Child Development advocates its Integrated Child Development Scheme’s (ICDS) use of hot cooked meals as the ideal nutrition supplement.  If you have any resources or contacts you’d like to recommend regarding this issue, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Stay tuned for more info on my research’s progress. . . and a big thank you for your curiosity in learning more!


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