5 Years, $20,000 for Plumpy’nut!

Wow! What a whirlwind of a year for Food for Thought!  I’m beyond thrilled to announce that Food for Thought reached its goal this year to raise at least $4,000 for Plumpy’nut.  Now that this year’s Walk for Plumpy’nut has passed, we can officially announce that we’ve raised over $20,000 to support Concern Worldwide’s feeding centers throughout Ethiopia. Sylvia Wong, Concern Worldwide’s Education Officer, made the journey from New York City to teach participants about how acute childhood malnutrition is diagnosed and treated.  We were so happy she could join us!

Between the beautiful weather and beautiful souls at the walk, it was easily one of the happiest days I can imagine.  Cass Park burst with energy and was booming with laughter and music as Ithaca College students and friends joined together on Saturday, October 8th. “The only way I can describe my feelings during the event was that my heart was happy, I felt fulfilled,” Smith, Food for Thought’s assistant Communications Director, says. John Vogan, Secretary of Food for Thought, added “We helped support a very important and worthwhile cause while having fun at the same time,” he says.

Thanks to Jake Lifschultz and Deanna Dearo’s photography, we have some photos to share from the wonderful day!


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