An Out-of-Control Poll

One of my favorite photos from Ethiopia

Before I began this blog post, my eyes wandered over to the side bar of WordPress where the word “Polls” caught my attention. I never noticed this option before, but thought, “Why not?,” I’ll poll my readers to get their thoughts on what hunger-related nonprofit they’re most likely to support.  Immediately upon trying to come up with possible answers to my poll, I hit my first roadblock.  I was rattling off so many hunger-related nonprofits off the top of my head, that within 1 minute there were already too many options to even consider posting the poll.

It’s no secret that the nonprofit sector abounds with options for donors.  Even just a simple search of the word “hunger” on GuideStar left my with 1,592 options.  Adding “food” to that search resulted in a whopping 30,000 nonprofits involved in eradicating hunger. So, I’m curious how you, readers of Plumpy’nut Press, choose which nonprofits you like to support.  I won’t limit you to a defined set of poll options, but I want to hear your thoughts on how a nonprofit gains your trust.  After I hear from you, on my end I’ll try to arrange an interview with some of the front runners to learn more about their work!  I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say and keep the comments coming!


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