1,000 Days

Mother and Son in Malawi Photo Credit: Concern Worldwide

I’m sorry for being MIA recently on my blog!  I’ve just started an internship at Concern Worldwide US (amazing organization!) and have been settling into life in New York.  I’m working with Global Concerns Classroom, the high school branch of Concern Worldwide, and have been busy drafting a guide on the Millennium Development Goals.  I’m absolutely loving my internship, but what really sealed the deal is that directly across from my desk, there is a box filled with Plumpy’nut!  What better place to be interning?

On Monday, I’ll have more updates regarding Concern Worldwide and Bread for the World’s 1,000 Days Conference.  I’ve written a lot about the critical years of 1-5 in addressing malnutrition in children, but this conference will focus on the first 1,000 days of a child’s life. On June 13th, world leaders and hunger activists will join to reinvigorate the fight against malnutrition.  To stay updated as the conference unfolds, follow @concernGCC, @Concern, or @bread4theworld on twitter this Monday!


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