“Getting Nutty with Just Jewelry”

The Plumpy'nut Bracelet

Recently, it seemed that Just Jewelry kept reappearing in my “Plumpy’nut” Google Alerts.  Because of the Walk for Plumpy’nut, my curiosity is always peaked when I hear about another Plumpy’nut fundraiser.  After looking more into what these Google Alerts were about, I’m pleased to announce that Plumpy’nut fundraisers are popping up all across the nation thanks to Just Jewelry!

Just Jewelry, a company founded by friends Virginia Depp and Nicole Nelson, is committed to creating more than just beautiful jewelry.  The two women have set out to use their incredible skill in jewelry making to impact children living thousands of miles away.  To raise money for Plumpy’nut, the company is now selling a beautiful “Faith, Hope, Love Bracelet.”  The proceeds from this bracelet will be enough to provide a child with two servings of Plumpy’nut, or enough for one day of the high-calorie, therapeutic food.  All money raised from the $15.00 bracelet will be donated to Doctors without Borders.

If you’d like to purchase this bracelet, follow this link to find the closest consultant.  Or, visit the Just Jewelry mission page.

Do you know of other Plumpy’nut fundraisers?  If so, I’d love to cover them on the blog so feel free to send recommendations my way at icfoodforthought@gmail.com.


5 responses to this post.

  1. WOW, Elizabeth, that was a wonderful blog about the Faith, Hope, Love Bracelet. Thank you for all you do for this cause. I hope our paths cross again and again and that some day we might meet – I know I will instantly like you. My best to you in your endeavors. Jayne


  2. Hello! I just came across this article and I gotta say! love ite and thanks for writing it. I am a Just Jewelry Consultant and we can’t keep these bracelets coming fast enough. 🙂 Everyone loves them and the best part is they are helping children. We Just Jewelry has help provide over 11K meals to date and it grows everyday. Thanks again, Jessica @ http://www.itsjustjewelry.com/jessicaguthrie


  3. Thank you so much for the great post! We are so excited to continue with our Get Nutty project! Our initial decision was to send our contributions to Doctors Without Borders, however we were informed by that organization that they could not earmark our donations specifically for the Plumpy’nut product. Therefore, we have decided to contribute directly to Edesia (the producer of Plumpy’nut) to ensure all of Just Jewelry’s proceeds will be used to provide children with Plumpy’nut meals.

    Edesia is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and the only US producer of Plumpy’nut in the United States. All Just Jewelry donations go directly towards the production of the Plumpy’nut product, allowing for the product to reach more children as quickly as possible. Edesia partners with the top distributors of Plumpy’nut globally including the UN World Food Programme, UNICEF and Action Against Hunger. Feel free to take a look at this video where you can meet the Edesia team and learn more about their products! http://bit.ly/cHOZhr


  4. Thank you so much for supporting Plump’nut and Just Jewelry’s efforts.

    Cheryl Chamberlain


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