The Pursuit of Plumpy’nut

Photo from Edesia LLC

Early this week, Ted Fischer, AKA Plumpy’man, accomplished two momentous goals.  Not only did he complete the 115th annual Boston Marathon, but in the process he raised over $7,000 for Plumpy’nut.  He hopes to eventually raise $50,000 so that Edesia LLC, the Rhode Island producer of Plumpy’nut and other Plumpy products, can send 150,000 packets of Plumpy’nut to Sierra Leone.  By donating to Edesia, Fischer was able to prevent 350 children under the age of two from malnutrition!

For the past decade, Sierra Leone’s civil war has ravaged the country, and as its infrastructure topples, its malnutrition rates rise.  In fact, the World Food Programme ranked the country “84 out of 88 countries in the Global Hunger Index.” Sierra Leone is also marked as the world’s lowest ranking country on Human Development Index, a global ranking system that takes into account life expectancy, education, and gross national income.

This country is in especially dire need of Plumpy’nut since its acute child malnutrition rate is at 10%, a percentage the WFP considers “alarmingly high.”  Plumpy’nut is also used specifically for children under the age of five and currently in Sierra Leone, 1/4 children die before this age.  For more information about Sierra Leone, you can read the WFP’s report here.

If you live near the Rhode Island area and are curious how Plumpy’nut is made and distributed, Edesia welcomes tours of their facilities!  The next tour will be on May 18th at 2:00 PM.

Also, check out their website to learn how you can help Plumpy’man reach his goal of $50,000!


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