Accessing the Plumpy’nut Patent

On October 13, 2010, The French Institute of Research for Development (IRD) and Nutriset, a world leader in the fight against childhood malnutrition, made a revolutionary announcement that the patent for ready-to-use foods (RUTF), like Plumpy’nut, will be available online.  This announcement comes just in time for the celebration of World Food Day on October 16th.

Under this system, the patent for these lifesaving products is just a few clicks away! The ultimate goal of online accessibility to the patent is to encourage nutritional autonomy by fostering local RUTF production in countries where childhood malnutrition is a national crisis.

After completing the simple online form, patent beneficiaries will receive an automatically generated certificate.  This certificate will allow local producers of RUTF products to develop products similar to Plumpy’nut.  This way, they can create their own formulas and recipes suitable for their region’s needs, implement their own quality production system, and conduct their own branding and marketing promotions.  Access to the patent license is open to any country in which Nutriset and the IRD have filed their patents.

In return for access to the patent, the IRD, a public research institute, welcomes beneficiaries to contribute 1% of their turnover to be used for IRD research.  Nutriset seeks no financial compensation for the patent as it expects its research will be funded through the sale of its products.

Nutriset developed the range of Plumpy products, including Plumpy’nut, that since 1997, have been used to treat nearly 7 million children (see image below for more information).  In 2005, Nutriset launched the PlumpyField Network to encourage nutritional autonomy.  Just through this innovation, Nutriset and the PlumpyField Network already produce over 30% of the Plumpy’nut used to treat severe acute malnutrition!  One can only imagine the tremendous impact that online patent accessibility will have on the production of Plumpy’nut products!

For more information on this revolutionary step, read the full press release here.


The range of Nutriset products aimed at treating every level of malnutrition. Click image to enlarge.




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