IC Food for Thought Spotlight

The Food for Thought student chapter at Ithaca College was featured The Ithacan!  The article, written by Erica Palumbo, highlights the benefits of using Plumpy’nut, facts about its use, as well as the story behind the founding of IC Food for Thought.  Read more by clicking here.

The Ithaca College Food for Thought chapter will be hosting the 4th Annual Walk for Plumpy’nut in Ithaca, NY on October 9 at Cass Park.  For more information, click on the “Walk for Plumpy’nut” tab at the top of this page.

"Student organizes club to fight malnutrition"


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hoping for a wonderful turnout (and beautiful weather) on the day of the ‘Walk for PlumpyNut’ at Ithaca. The York community has been so supportive of this fundraiser and I am confident that the same level of support will be shown in Ithaca!


  2. Thank you! Just checked the 10 day forecast and it looks like rain all week EXCEPT Friday and Saturday 🙂 The York community has been an amazing and supportive community . . . plans for a walk in York this spring are being discussed to continue the Plumpy’nut pride there! Perhaps there will be two Walks for Plumpy’nut this year 🙂


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