Plumpy Products with a New Purpose!

This week, I had the fantastic opportunity to speak with Marie Wisecup, Communications Manager, and Navyn Salem, Founder of Edesia LLC.  Edesia, a new nonprofit organization, is the sole producer of Plumpy’nut and other Plumpy products in the United States.  More information highlighting their amazing work will be posted in a few days, but first I want to introduce Plumpy’nut Press readers to the entire line of Plumpy products that Edesia has the capacity to produce in the US!

All of these products are aimed at preventing malnutrition.  As the Edesia website says, “While Plumpy’nut treats the most severe cases of malnutrition, it is not a permanent solution.  The true key lies in prevention and in reaching children sooner.”  Below is your guide to the preventative products.

Supplementary’Plumpy is a mix of vegetable oil, sugar, peanuts, whey, maltodextrin, soy protein isolate, cocoa, vitamins and minerals, and emulsifier: lecithin and is used to treat moderate acute malnutrition.  Depending on the weight of the child and the severity of the case, a child six months or older can eats one sachet a day.  This product can also be used for children who have already been treated for severe malnutrition and have completed therapeutic nutrition program treatment.  Supplementary’Plumpy is food supplement, meaning that it is eaten in addition to whatever other food a child eats that day.  Plumpy’nut, on the other hand, is used when it is the ONLY food a child will eat.

Plumpy’doz was initially introduced in 2007 by MSF and is used in cases of emergency humanitarian situations.  It is a blend of vegetable oil, peanuts,sugar, nonfat milk powder, whey, maltodextrin, vitamins and minerals, cocoa, and emulsifier: lecithin.  Plumpy’doz is also a food supplement and was created to reduce cases of acute malnutrition for children between the ages of 6-36 months.  Unlike the other Plumpy products, which come in a packet, Plumpy’doz is served in a cup and is eaten with a spoon.  The recommended dosage and use is three teaspoons three times per day or one tablespoon three times a day to prevent malnutrition.

Nutributter is a Lipid-based Nutrient Supplement (LNS) used to enhance “linear growth and cognitive and motor development.”  It simultaneously acts to prevent malnutrition in children between the ages of 6-24 months.  The 20 g sachet must be eaten in addition to traditional foods to ensure a balanced diet.  It will not prevent malnutrition if it is the sole food a child consumes.  Nutributter is a mix of peanuts, sugar, vegetable oil, nonfat milk powder, whey, maltodextrin, vitamins and minerals, and emulsifier: lecithin.  Unlike the other Plumpy products described above which have a two-year shelf life, Nutributter has a shelf life of 18 months.

Plumpy’soy is made from peanuts, vegetable oil, sugar, maltodextrin, soy, whey, vitamins and minerals, cocoa, and emulsifier: lecithin.  Although not currently in production, Edesia has the capacity to produce Plumpy’soy which can prevent malnutrition in people who need macro and micronutrients and is specially manufactured to supplement food for people suffering from HIV/AIDS, nutrition deficiencies, and emergency situations.  Children 2 years or older consume 1 sachet a day.  Adults will have all of their daily nutrition needs satisfied if they eat 2 sachets a day.  Like Nutributter, Plumpy’soy has a 18 month shelf life.

For more information on these products, visit the Edesia LLC website:


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  1. […] For more information about Plumpy’doz®, check out the previous post: “Plumpy Products with a New Purpose!” […]


  2. Posted by Bonnie Sose on December 18, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    I am interested in knowing more about Plumpy’doz. where is it manufactured and how can I donate
    money directly to the manufacturer?


    • Hi Bonnie! I apologize for my delay in responding, but you can donate directly to Edesia, a manufacturer of Plumpy’doz by following this link. Thank you so much for your generosity and I’m so glad you came across the blog!


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