Starved for Attention

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has long been at the forefront of the fight against childhood malnutrition.  This month, MSF launched “Starved for Attention” to present the world with a “radical new vision of malnutrition.”  Through a series of mini-documentaries, MSF worked with world-renowned photojournalists and MSF staff to capture the affects of childhood malnutrition and how humanitarian assistance can be used to prevent early death.

This is an absolutely tremendous campaign and I urge you to visit today!  “Starved for Attention” has done an incredible job of utilizing social media to build global awareness and support.  The mini-documentaries will be released over a seven-week period, so make sure to check the site often to watch the new videos and learn about more ways to take action.

Join the movement by signing the petition online to show your support for rewriting the life stories of 195 million malnourished children.  After you sign it, take a picture of yourself and upload it to the “STRVD” group on Flickr.  If you have a blog, embed the videos or post a banner (found here:  Retweet the link, post it on Facebook, tell your friends!  Anything to spread the word about this campaign and the issue at hand: every six seconds a child dies from hunger.  Help end this crisis by acting now to show your support.  Thank you!


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